A Brief Background of Our Local Italian Restaurant

In 1977, Rino and Lina Tessuti (recent immigrants from Italy) opened an Italian restaurant in Commercial Drive, Vancouver. They called it the Il Corsaro, which means “The Pirate”, after a character Rino played on an Italian T.V. kids program. Not long after their arrival, they brought partners into the business—Mario and Marie Pagan, their regular customers and friends. The Il Corsaro flourished, becoming one of the best-known Italian restaurants in Vancouver. In 1982, Rino and Lina retired, leaving Mario and Marie as the sole owners.

In 1994, Mario and Marie moved the business to Maple Ridge where they remained until 2006. Their son, Giovanni, has taken over operations as owner and chef of the restaurant and is maintaining the quality and tradition that Rino and Lina started 30 years ago.